Delinquent juvenile. immigrant. unknowledgable. different. poor. afraid. lonesome. confused. prideful. depressed. dreamer.

Seems like a recipe for disaster some might argue. I m not so certain.

Always strived to be different, to find some unique identity I can settle as my own. The journey has been unconventional, unpredictable and most certainly uncomfortable. In the end, I learn to choose myself and accept that the search in itself to be continuous and most rewarding.

I hope to journal some of my delights and disasters, thoughts and discoveries, in hopes to one day connect the dots moving backwards. I’m not certain where or what I am planning to do with this site, please send me messages and ideas.

Sexy Pants began as a nickname I initally disliked, berated by a few individuals in attempts to possibly provoke. Eventually, I learned to laugh at it and thus started a mini contagion, myriads using that term around me. Personally, it represents comfortability with thyself, limited numbers of available f***s given, being introspective, peerless and of course sexy as hell. The idea is the same as purposefully drawing a rectangle on your forehead with a pen and going about your day with it. You certainly can’t see it but know its there, ignoring all remarks and resisting friends trying to convince you to wipe it off.  Situation sounds familiar? Why do they even care? Why would you care? I hope to encourage all my mother f***ing sexy pants out there to be true to yourselves, do good to others, care more for others and care less of what others think of us, dream bigger, and execute daily.  Please encourage, teach, advice and inspire me, I certainly need all the help I can get.

“land of the free, only for the brave”   – sexy pants ❤