The Longest Road

I m certain many adventurous global trotters, backpackers, leisure and nomadic travelers have similar experiences of initial excitement, the instant our eyes process the magnificent wonders of nature or of man made creations, we immediately look around while developing a courteous smile hoping to share that moment with anyone present who can relate to that delightful feeling. I catch myself doing it, needing no words nor explanation, maybe wishing I can hug and dance with the strangers next to me.

I am also on the road a lot. Alone, traveling across the United States of America in a truck and a trailer, delivering cars and meeting new clients. I am rarely lonely, with tons of calls to handle, audio books and courses to take, and many a times the breathtaking view America produces, wow!  The visuals, sounds from my radio, smell of whatever is in my truck, all catalogs in my mind and I can neither share with anyone, or offer a hug or celebratory dance with. I beam a smile of appreciation, from my eyes to my cheeks, that makes my body tingly with gratitude, as a bonus being alone, I normally take a big gulp of air and scream in excitement shamelessly.

So the lessons I have learned on my road travels…

  1. How I feel at the moment is one of the most important thing to be absolutely aware of. My day goes up with happy clients, good contracts, beautiful scenery, on schedule to phone calls with disgruntle employees, damaged properties, malfunctioning equipment, panicked customers, screaming complaints, and sometimes even mutiny. How do I choose to feel? Easy to feel good when things are great but tough when things are bad. Learn to hack yourself! All my ‘problems’ doesn’t quite matter if I’m struck with sudden death, my anxieties were a waste of emotional and mental energy. Remember, be aware and savor the moments when you feel happy, its possible in life.
  2. I can get fat quite easily too. My metabolisms decided to come to a screeching halt one evening, with all the sitting, left hand on the steering wheel, farting while quickly swallowing a burrito with my right, 80s band Wang-Chung blasting on my speakers, and squinting trying to shade the direct sunset. OK maybe not quite overnight, but I just didn’t expect this to happen to me. I went from skinny kid, to meat head muscle college bro, back to trim poor young entrepreneur and then tummy fat building machine boss man. I decided on an instance and  started experimenting, searching. After over a year, found what works for me. Reduced my belly from 26% to around 7% (body fat) within 3-4 months on a new regiment. May appear easy in writing hah!
  3. In America, if I do what I say, I ll never have to worry about acquiring clients. It really is that easy, but the execution can get tricky. Its takes grooming little habits, constant self-awareness, quick mental calculations with reason, logic and probability, persuasion, deal making, problem solving and motherf***ing deliver every time. See? Easy!
  4. More? Plenty! These are daily conversations I have with myself, and who wants to read them anyways?…



*Colorado border, North bound from New Mexico


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